Happy New Year!

Happy Monday, and Full Moon in Cancer, and 2018, Wonderfully Witchy people! May you thrive, fall deeply in love with yourself, and wake each morning with joy in your heart. ❤ ❤ ❤

Blessed Samhain + Happy Halloween!

Happy Tuesday, Wonderfully Witchy people! Samhain is upon us! May we release that which does not serve us. May we remember those that have come before us. May we remember the histories both told and untold. May we honour the cycles within and outside of ourselves. Halloween is also upon us! May we not take … More Blessed Samhain + Happy Halloween!


Blessed Imbolc!

As a celebration of the Fire Goddess and the returning sun, Imbolc celebrations typically involve the lighting of candles, bonfires and fireplaces, as well as the eating of spicy foods, dairy-based foods, and root vegetables. … More Blessed Imbolc!