A Cup Of Cozy – TarotBlogHop Spread

When I saw that the Tarot Blog Hop Yule theme for this year was ‘Finding Your Cozy’, I just knew I had to hop on board!

My entry is a kind of all-purpose wintry treat – a short, sweet three-card spread. … More A Cup Of Cozy – TarotBlogHop Spread


Blessed Beltane!

Today’s the Pagan fertility sabbat (to condense it to its barest terms), so ritual away to celebrate the abundance in your life, embrace sensuality, celebrate the Goddess and the God, and above all bloom wildly, beautifully, and lovingly – like Spring itself! … More Blessed Beltane!

Blessed Imbolc!

As a celebration of the Fire Goddess and the returning sun, Imbolc celebrations typically involve the lighting of candles, bonfires and fireplaces, as well as the eating of spicy foods, dairy-based foods, and root vegetables. … More Blessed Imbolc!

Happy Mabon!

Mabon is a time for celebrating the harvest, expressing our gratitude, reaping what we’ve sown, and looking ahead to the future. It is when we celebrate the Goddess changing from Mother to Crone, and the God as he prepares for death and re-birth. … More Happy Mabon!