Things I Love Thursday: November 16, 2017

Happy Thursday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

I hope you’re well! It’s been a quiet week around here, but sometimes quiet is good – especially when you’re in a Chariot Tarot year, like I am! I found some neat stuff this week!

Check it out:


This 3 card Self-Love Spread! (via Pinterest)

This witchy illustration! (via margothsheart)

This advice from Deepak Chopra! (via Purple Buddha Project)

This floral smudge wand pin! (via Aquarian Soul)

And these!


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: November 16, 2017

      1. Oh please let me know if it helped you resonate! I love how it can flow depending on what your intuition draws you too. I’ve never had the same ritual happen twice even following this framework. 💜


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