Ten Journal Prompts for Samhain!

Happy Tuesday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

Can you feel that electricity in the air? That subtle October je ne sais quoi that feels so special and strange?

The veil is thinning! Samhain – the Witch New Year and greatest of the Great Sabbats – is heading our way in exactly one week.

October 31 isn’t just the secular Hallowe’en, but, for Witches and Pagans alike, it’s the day we honor endings and cycles. It’s a day where we honour our ancestors and departed loved ones, where we release old energy and set goals for the new, and – bonus! – it’s the perfect time to perform divination of all kinds.

What better time than now to journal about cycles, endings and new beginnings?

As you know, I’ve experienced a lot of change and upheaval this year – and have had a lot of spiritual growth as a result.  I wanted to take this time to take stock of the changes I’ve experienced and set goals for the spiritual new year – and to share my ideas with you, too!

Check out my list of Samhain-related journal prompts below!


Ten Journal Prompts for Samhain:

  • Divination and ritual ideas for Samhain
  • Life changes you’ve experienced from last Samhain to this one
  • Signs of the thinnning veil you’ve noticed
  • Memories and gratitude for ancestors, heroes, and those who have passed
  • Endings, closure, and release from the past year
  • Deities, guides, and/or spirits you’ve worked with in the past year
  • Cycles and patterns you’ve noticed in the past year
  • Most memorable spiritual moments, spells, or rituals from the past year
  • Lessons from the past year to bring forth to the new year
  • Witchy goals for the new year

That’s all for now – see you Thursday for a special all-Samhain edition of Things I Love Thursday!



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