Pick a Card: Oracle Wisdom for the Week

Happy Monday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

I love working with Oracle cards – they were a gateway to Tarot for me! – but lately I’ve been neglecting them. While I was trying to figure out how to get back into using them regularly, it occurred to me – why not use than to do a weekly three-card draw to share with you all?

So, this week I’m using the Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue! This is my absolute fave of all the Oracle decks I own. From the gilded edges to the wide array of Goddess wisdom, it just radiates good vibes!

To receive some guidance for this week, take a breath, tap into your intuition, and…

Pick a card:



Your Goddess Guidance wisdom for the week:


  • Card #1 – White Tara – Sensitivity: If you were drawn to this card, you are likely to be experiencing heightened sensitivity these days! Be sure to indulge in sacred self-care and protect yourself against harshness – whether that be in your physical environment, the people you’re surrounded by, or the products you use! It is okay to retreat a little and get some breathing room away from that which drains you. White Tara represents compassion and purity, so be sure to cultivate these things throughout your week!
  • Card #2 – Damara – Guiding Children: If you were drawn to this card, you are likely to be called to either guide children or do your own inner child work this week. Damara is a Celtic goddess of fertility and peace, so it’s no coincidence that this card often reminds me of the Rider-Waite Tarot’s Six of Cups. For all of its nurturing, innocent vibes, it’s also related to all things home and family. Take time this week to spend time with your children or children in your family, do inner child healing work, or volunteer to help youth in your community.
  • Card #3 – Ostara – Fertility: If you were drawn to this card, be assured that you are newly in or now entering a period of creative growth. Your abundance is on fleek this week (do people still say that?) as you feel the energies and vibes of growth surround you. Ostara is a Teutonic Goddess associated with Easter and light, so her card urges you to cultivate that inspiration – write down any new ideas you get this week, knuckle down on the projects you’ve been meaning to start, and take time to appreciate the forms that fertility and abundance take in your life.That’s all for now – have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Pick a Card: Oracle Wisdom for the Week

  1. Thanks for the reading and the reminder! I also have these cards and I think it’s time I dig them out again 🙂


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