Monday Meditation: Blue Morpho Butterfly!

Happy Monday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

I’m back after a brief absence! I don’t like to back up from this blog, but I found myself needing to retreat into some¬†serious self-care: renewing, recharging, and spending time with family while dealing with some challenges that arose in the past little while.

It’s a new week, though, and hopefully we’re all feeling rested and re-charged!

Today’s meditation focuses on the Blue Morpho Butterfly. It’s likely you’ve seen this butterfly in all kinds of art and decor – its iridescent blue wings and its rarity make it a popular symbol in all kinds of visual mediums!

These butterflies are found in Central America, Mexico, and South America. Their dark underside makes them less visible to predators while asleep, but during the day their vibrant, iridescent wings actually help as a defense mechanism, as well! They ‘flash’ – due to the slow beat of their wings – ¬†making their iridescent blue wings appear and disappear. This disorients their predators, who are unable to see them as the butterfly takes off into the jungle foliage.

The symbolism of the Blue Morpho Butterfly can help us see how our own dazzling uniqueness serves us!

Sometimes it can be hard for us to honour our quirks, our idiosyncracies, and our authenticity. As an Aquarius Sun and Mercury, these things feel especially important to me – and I tend to wear them on my sleeve! – but there are times when pressures from the world-at-large can make us feel isolated and inadequate because of them. I know for a fact this can happen easily with spiritual seekers, woo-woo mavens, and witches of all stripes!

Think of times when you did honor your authenticity, when you were tapped into yourself in a very real way, when you felt like you were heard and understood.

Don’t those moments feel amazing? I delight so much in seeing authenticity in other people, and that delight opens us up to seeing it in ourselves. It really does make people seem to shine brightly with their own inner light.

Which brings us to today’s affirmation:

Blue Morpho Butterfly Affirmation: I honor and celebrate my authenticity. I allow myself to shine. My unique, authentic self shines light upon the world.

That’s all for now – have a wonderfully witchy week and stay shiny!



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