The Unicorn Tarot Spread

Happy Monday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

Confession: I’ve never quite outgrown my childhood obsession with unicorns. Sure, I no longer have my old ceramic unicorn figurines, or my unicorn bedspread set, and I’m long past the days where I binge-watched The Last Unicorn on repeat, but for me these creatures have always symbolized the beautiful, the mysterious, and all things colorful and sparkly.

(I’ve also still been planning to get a unicorn tattoo for the last decade!)

But why unicorns? And why combine Tarot and unicorns?

These magical mythological creatures are known for transformation, healing, and magic – their horns were rumored to heal various ailments. They could also neutralize poison!

They could only be tamed by virginal maidens (per Middle Ages Christian allegory), but I think using their symbol to investigate how we allow ourselves to be tamed could be much more fun! Why not use the symbol of the unicorn to peer deeper into ourselves – how we heal, how we’re magic, how we’re powerful?

Check out the spread below!

Happy Tarot Reading!



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