Things I Love Thursday: May 18

Happy Thursday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

I know this blog has been a little TILT-ed lately – things at my office job have been absolutely bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s!) but! I have some wonderful tricks up my sleeve for June – my favorite month! – and as a celebration of one year of The Butterfly Witch!

For now, though, here are some lovely little things I found this week!

Check it out:

01-10226727_uploadsmember573187yourshot-573187-10226727jpg_zloboxxs3jqws7aacqiq3opbzpp3eflutfvvbpyjwjhzlmh4iziq_2606x1738.ngsversion.1494946531998.adapt.676.1.jpgThis picture of the marble caves in Patagonia, Chile! (via National Geographic)

tumblr_opb2wnY89G1rircjvo4_r1_540.jpgThis Witch Sister illustration by Camille Chew!
(via tumblr)
This Wholeness Tarot Spread from All The Queens Tarot! (via tumblr)

tumblr_ookj56dyGV1qz7t0xo1_1280.jpgThis illustration by Christina Chung! (via instagram)

And these!:


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