New Moon in Taurus Affirmations!

Happy Wednesday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

Are you excited for today’s New Moon? It’s a lovely opportunity to manifest some magic – even in retrograde season!

Being an Earth sign that’s ruled by Venus, this New Moon in Taurus gives us a wonderful chance to bring both steadfastness and sensuality into our lives.

Our attitudes toward abundance, beauty, our bodies, and how we nourish ourselves can all be examined and adjusted under this moon! Taurus is a diligent, stubborn energy. When it comes to achieving goals, though, Taurus can be overly concerned with security and having/being “enough”.

It’s just as important to give ourselves credit for how far we’ve come as it is to think about where we want to go next!

With that in mind, I’ve developed these four affirmations:

BFW - taurusmoon1
BFW - taurusmoon2
BFW - taurusmoon3.png

BFW - taurusmoon4.png
That’s all for now – see you tomorrow for Things I Love Thursday!




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