Tarot Spread to Heal A Toxic Workplace

Happy Tuesday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

Have you ever worked in a place where it seems like no one is happy? Where people are constantly complaining, gossiping, or bullying each other? Where people are nervous about their job security, and leadership is lacking transparency?

Unfortunately, it seems to be an increasingly common problem, especially in office environments. A toxic work environment not only includes those elements, but turns them into the dominant culture of the workplace. If you’re finding yourself dreading going into work, and spending your whole shift feeling strained, drained, angry, and resentful, it could indicate that something is “off” in the workplace.

A toxic work environment can sap you of your motivation, and lead to even bigger problems mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

I take my work very seriously (probably too seriously – it’s a Sun in the 6th house problem) and, as an empath, I find it challenging to not let myself be affected by negativity in the workplace. Shielding, grounding, meditation and desk yoga all help, but when I heard some of the same negative rhetoric at work today, my intuition told me to draw some cards for insight.

I developed this tarot spread on the spot – while in the very environment in question!

While long-standing and systemic problems are difficult to overcome, the intention of this spread is to see how we can best navigate the tempestuous waters of a toxic workplace – and heal ourselves in the process.

Please also remember to be gentle with yourself! Self-care becomes extra important when dealing with workplace stress and toxicity.  I realize it’s not always possible to go to management or leave our positions, but advocating for ourselves – even if it’s through being our own private cheerleader – is a great form of self-care.

You are worth more than your job, your productivity, or the trajectory of your career.

PS – If you’re wondering whether or not your own workplace is a toxic environment, this article by Bustle is lovely and comprehensive!



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