20 Bullet Journal Prompts for Busy Witches!

Hello hello and hi, Wonderfully Witchy people!

I made a post last week listing 20 bullet journal prompts for Tarot readers, and it occurred to me that I should totally do one for Witchcraft practice!

A bullet journal differs from a regular, more traditional journal because it’s less focused on description and storytelling. Instead, it’s more list-oriented. It’s a great tool for busy people, and so many of us fall under that description!

I also know, firsthand, that it can be difficult to stay on top of your spiritual game. I have both anxiety and depression, and sometimes find myself to be too low energy/low vibe to get myself into the ritual spirit (literally). Other times, I’m an unfortunate combination of low vibe and busy, so Witching can easily fall by the wayside. It can be hard to get yourself into ritual mode, let alone write in a Spell Journal or Book of Shadows afterward!

I like to think of the Witchy Bullet Journal as more of a witchcraft themed, prompt-based journal.

You could use it to keep track of all sorts of things – synchronicities, items to buy, etc. What fun to experiment with another way of exploring your spiritual path!

If it sounds like something you’d like to try, check out my list of 20 Bullet Journal Prompts for Witches below!

20 Bullet Journal Prompts for Witches

  • Altar decor ideas
  • Ritual tools you need
  • Ritual tools you’d like to try
  • Favorite ways to celebrate each Sabbat
  • Forms of magick you’d like to learn more about
  • Your favorite types of spells
  • Deities, spirits, or guides you’ve worked with
  • Deities, spirits or guides you’d like to work with
  • Your favorite pop culture witches
  • Best witchcraft resources
  • Your favorite moon phases for magick and rituals
  • Your favorite books on witchcraft
  • Spiritual teachers who resonate with you (IRL, online, authors, etc)
  • Witch conferences, festivals, or events you’ve attended
  • Witch conferences, festivals, or events you’d like to attend  
  • Your favorite witchcraft vloggers
  • Your favorite witchcraft bloggers (wink, wink! :D)
  • Synchronicity and signs you’ve noticed (recurring symbols, numbers, sounds, etc)
  • Spells you’d like to try
  • Goals for your witchcraft practice

If you’re more of a traditional journal writer, fear not! You could definitely use these prompts for more in-depth reflection on your practice.

People also tend to like doodling and sketching in their bullet journals. You could totally illustrate these prompts with some awesome depictions of deities, athames, gemstones, ouija boards, pendulums, the moon, and, well, anything, really! I’d love to see them.

Happy journaling!



3 thoughts on “20 Bullet Journal Prompts for Busy Witches!

  1. Thank you for these fabulous ideas! Like you mentioned, these will be a fast & easy way to add a bit of magic to our day! Blessings!


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