20 Bullet Journal Prompts for Tarot Readers!

Happy Monday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to journaling.

But with our busy lives these days, it can be hard to have the time to sit down and reflect. For years, I’ve been writing little lists and illustrations to document my days, interests, phases, and other personal things in place of a more in-depth, traditional type of journal.

Little did I know that I was kind of participating in the bullet journal phenomenon!

What can a bullet journal offer a Tarot Reader?

Many experts, websites, and other Tarot resources recommend keeping a Tarot journal, and I totally agree! It can be really helpful in keeping track of spreads and readings, helping us develop a more in-depth relationship with the cards, developing our intuition and recording any patterns we notice. All relationships take work, and Tarot reading is no different – whether you’re a beginner or seasoned Tarot reader, it can definitely be helpful to be able to record, reflect, and revisit our Tarot journey! A bullet journal offers us the same deal.

Sound good? Check out my list of 20 bullet journal prompts below!


20 Bullet Journal Prompts for Tarot Readers

  • Your favorite cards
  • Your least favorite cards
  • The cards that challenge you the most
  • The most beautiful decks you’ve seen
  • Decks you would design for yourself
  • Your favorite Tarot symbols
  • Your favorite Tarot bloggers
  • Your favorite Tarot vloggers
  • Most helpful Tarot resources
  • Memorable Tarot readings you’ve given
  • Your favorite Tarot spreads
  • Tarot spreads you’d like to try
  • Tarot skills you’d like to develop
  • Your favorite Tarot books
  • Pop culture Tarot associations (The Tower card always reminds me of “Helter Skelter” by the Beatles!)
  • Questions to ask in future readings
  • Favorite card combinations
  • What doing Tarot has taught you about yourself
  • What doing Tarot has taught you about other people
  • How Tarot has helped you in other areas of your life

The nice thing about bullet journals is that they tend to be freestyle, so feel free to throw in some doodles, illustrations, collages, etc! You could have a lot of fun with illustrating around these prompts!

And if you’re more of a traditional journal-writer, fear not! You could totally use these prompts for more in-depth reflection on your Tarot journey. And oracle card readers – feel free to use these on your favorite decks.

Happy journaling!



3 thoughts on “20 Bullet Journal Prompts for Tarot Readers!

  1. Hey there just wanted to say I really really love this journal prompt list I’ve found it difficult to find a good selection of tarot journal prompts or just ideas in general every website I have looked at always seems to say the same thing things it was really hard finding anything as fun and inspiring / inspirational as this list lots of exciting ideas.looking forward to using thanks again for sharing this !

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