Self-Love Tarot Spread for Valentine’s Day PLUS a Bonus Galentine’s spread!

Happy February, Wonderfully Witchy people!

So many people have mixed feelings about this month – in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re right in the middle of winter, with blizzards and shoveling and, despite Imbolc just past, the sight of spring seems so far away.

I tend to love it, because my birthday is the day before Valentine’s Day, it’s Aquarius season, and, frankly, I love winter.

I also care deeply about the practice of self-love and believe it to be the foundation for all other relationships. When we love ourselves fully, we’re able to nurture healthy and fulfilling relationships with the other wonderful people in our lives!

That’s why I’ve developed this self-love spread for Valentine’s Day:


But wait- there’s more! Because my birthday is February 13, it’s shared with the wonderful “Galentine’s Day” – developed by the lovely (fictional) Leslie Knope of the TV show Parks & Recreation.
I also love celebrating other people on my birthday – expressing my love and appreciation for their support and love in the year past. That’s why I thought it would be perfect to develop a spread specifically for Galentine’s Day!

(I left the wording gender-neutral because, hey, diversity of gender is all part of the beautiful spectrum of life, love, and friendship.)

Check it out!

Well, that’s it for now. Stay warm, friends!



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