New Moon in Aquarius – January 27, 2017

Happy 2017, Wonderfully Witchy people!

How has January been treating you so far? Have you made, stuck with, or broken any resolutions yet?

I love this winter energy, and the energy of the new year – beginnings are fun, full of promise, and, like the butterfly freshly emerged from its cocoon, we begin a whole new phase of transformation!

Speaking of transformation, the sun moved into Aquarius on January 19, taking us from the steadfast and practical Capricorn into the more rebellious, unusual energy of Uranus-ruled Aquarius. That energy will be with us on January 27, when we experience the first New Moon of 2017.


What do the stars have in store?

There’s a Venus-Saturn square that day, which means we’ll be a little sulky, a little needy, and prone to feeling ignored. Of course, we can prepare ourselves for that, and take the extra time to engage in self-loving practices – after all, your relationship with yourself is the foundation for all the others!

Another silver lining: Mercury’s retrograde is really, really over, as it moves out of the shadow zone on the 27th. Remaining communication issues from the retrograde should begin to resolve.

What seeds shall we plant for the coming month?

The general realm of Aquarius corresponds to the world of thought, group interests, and radical change. There’s also eccentricity, strong individuality, a touch of stubbornness and some tendencies toward preoccupation – solar Aquarians love getting immersed in new ideas, hobbies, and areas of research. There’s also a humanitarian bent to Aquarius energy, looking to the future to serve the best interests of humanity. We can take advantage of this energy to focus on our own goals related to learning, self-love and being our authentic selves, and how we serve others.

New Moon in Aquarius Activities:

Hearth & Home: Sort through old belongings and donate what you no longer use or want to charity. Experiment with a new, bold recipe and share it with someone else. Follow a tutorial (or wing it!) to DIY a new piece of décor – for your home or someone else’s!

Mind: Research something that’s always fascinated you. Read up on new technologies that will benefit the planet. Brainstorm ideas for how you can help improve your community. Read, watch, or listen to some great futuristic science fiction (the Star Trek series, with its humanist bent and optimism, is pretty much on point for the Aquarian ethos!)

Body: Pamper your feet and ankles with a home pedicure. Dance to the beat of your own drummer by throwing on a playlist and dancing around your living room like no one is watching. Find a new group fitness class and immerse yourself in the co-operative vibes of group learning.

Spirit: Journal about your self-love, your feelings about community, your hopes for your own future and that of the planet. Balance your brow (third-eye, ajna) chakra. Meditate on your authenticity, your role in the world, and how you put these things into action.

Witchcraft: This New Moon falls on a Friday, ruled by Goddesses Venus and Freyja. Especially good timing for spellwork related to friendships, new ideas, motivation for goals, and rituals of self-love.

That’s all for now – have a lovely New Moon!



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