New Moon in Capricorn + Tarot Spread for the New Year!

Happy New Moon, Wonderfully Witchy people!

This year has been challenging for so many of us – as a Numerological “9” year, we’ve had to deal with change, transformation, endings, death, et al. These are big things, and it’s okay if we’ve struggled with them. What matters, always, is that we learn and grow.

With today’s New Moon in Capricorn, we’re in a perfect position to really look upon the challenges and lessons from the last year, and streamline our goals and values as we look ahead to the year to come.

Steadfast, patient, responsible Capricorn energy is great for helping us have clarity in figuring out these goals. With its energy, we can establish security, see where our boundaries are, and find our footing before moving forward into the new beginnings of both the New Year and the Numerological “1” year in 2017.

That’s why I also designed a Tarot Spread for the coming year!

This tarot spread is designed to help us with these moments of reflection.

The first card helps us figure out the overall lesson from 2016 – what did the events from this past year teach us? What is their culmination?

The second card is designed to help us understand what to leave behind – we all carry baggage with us, but not all of it is helpful. What can we unload and unburden from this year?

The third card is to see what we can bring with us. With challenges, we learn strength, fortitude, and develop character – as a response to the first and second card, this position helps us know what we’ve gained along the way.

The fourth card, positioned above the first, is a direct response to the overall lesson from the last year. Keeping in mind the tools we’ve gained from the wisdom of last year, what will we need to work on next?

The fifth card is a summation of the third and fourth card, offering symbolism and wisdom to keep in mind for the year to come.

(My fifth card was the Ace of Cups – I am sooo feeling this!)

I hope you all have a restful, beautiful, nourishing new moon and new year!



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