Tarot Spread for Yule!

Happy Holidays, Wonderfully Witchy people!

Well, yes, I know they’re still on the approach, with Yule not happening until this Thursday, but since the spirit of the season is in full swing, I figured I’d share a very quick 3-card Tarot spread – designed just for this busy time of year!


This spread plays off the fire symbolism of Yule and the corresponding short day/long night of the Winter Solstice! It might be good to do this one with only your Major Arcana cards, for maximum oomph and insight, but of course it’s up to you!

The long, dark night of the Winter Solstice reminds me of the shadow time of Samhain – a liminal time where we can explore the more murky, mysterious, Neptunian sides of our self and spirituality (like the Cups suit in the Minor Arcana). The first card of the spread therefore gives us additional insight into these things.

The short day, with each approaching day afterward growing longer, helps us understand where to grow – what parts of our lives need illuminating? Concerned with the external self and the everyday affairs of the world (like the Pentacles suit), the Day card gives us insight into how we can face these things going forward.

The fires of Yule are offered in celebration of the Sun’s return, and with it, motivation! With the New Year on the horizon and the resolutions being marked, why not gain insight into what drives you, motivates you, and where your creative spark gets fueled? This placement of the third card is not unlike the suit of Wands.

With these three cards, perhaps we can gain greater insight and advice into our holiday season, our spiritual practice on the Solstice, and how to make 2017 merry indeed!



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