Book Review: Esoteric Empathy by Raven Digitalis

Hello again, Wonderfully Witchy people!

Yule is near, the holiday hype is in full swing, and it’s nearing what will (hopefully!) be a restful and restorative season for us all. I know I’ve been busy, and I’m sure you have, too.

What better way to relax than with a book? I’m frantically trying to reach my 100 books for the year (only 22 left to go!) and am so happy, in the process, to be able to share another review with you: Esoteric Empathy by Raven Digitalis.

Thankscover94997-medium.png, once again, to NetGalley and Llewellyn Worldwide for providing this book to me in exchange for review.

Hot off the presses from Llewellyn Worldwide, Esoteric Empathy by Raven Digitalis covers a massive swath of experience, energetic resonance, and all things esoteric, magickal and metaphysical for the empath.

Divided into multiple sections, each chapter of Esoteric Empathy provides a plethora of wisdom, anecdote, and advisement for empaths and intuitive or sensitive people. Especially fantastic is the variety and types of advice and practices given; each chapter and section has its own rituals, checklists, and questions for the reader to answer.

As such, Esoteric Empathy is a must-read for the empathic magick or new age spiritual practitioner. The energetic rituals provided add wonderful dimension to meditative and magickal practices, the spiritual dimensions of the advice and anecdotes vary from Qabalah to Reiki to Buddhism and beyond. The diversity of Digitalis’ knowledge makes this book eclectic, as well as esoteric, and it covers a wide swath; in the Gods and Goddesses section, I was especially delighted to see mention of my tribe’s God, Glooscap! There is also an especially helpful section devoted solely to healers and energetic/emotional practitioners and how they can best incorporate their empathic abilities into their work.

While some of the more complex rituals might be outside the realm of practice for non-magick/energy/new age practicing empaths, Esoteric Empathy nonetheless has a great deal of wisdom to impart for anyone who identifies as an empath or HSP. Digitalis provides a lot of insight into how an empath can best practice self-care, contend with the world around us, or simply interact with others on a day-to-day basis.

Empaths, Wonderfully Witchy and otherwise: this book is for you.



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