Empath Week, Day 7: Empowerment

Happy Sunday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

We’ve come to the end of Empath Week! It’s been a beautiful ride, and I’ve enjoyed sharing all these thoughts on being an empath with you. I hope it’s been helpful!

When we’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, or weighed down, it can be difficult to remember what a wonderful thing it is to be an empath.

But remember:

Empaths are agents of transformation.

Whether it’s just for ourselves, or expanding into our friendships and communities, empaths have the chance to truly dig deep into what, and “how”, emotions mean to people. We live in a global society that doesn’t necessarily or always value the depth of emotions we all experience – and empaths are able to stand up and say “Emotions matter!”


Empath affirmation: My abilities are powerful and I am empowered by them.

Sensitivity is important. Compassion is important. Your abilities make you strong, not weak. Stand in your own power and reclaim your emotional well-being.

It matters. You matter.



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