Empath Week, Day 6: Impassioned and Compassionate

Happy Saturday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

We’ve gone through a lot of the empath emotional cycles this week: honoring feelings, setting boundaries, asking for help, recharging – it almost makes it seem like a liability, rather than a blessing, right?

Not necessarily!

Human emotion is a complex thing, and as a result, empaths are positioned to understand, demonstrate and commit acts of compassion.

Compassion is not limited to empaths, of course. There are many tireless activists, everyday people, and volunteers working all over the world who do not identify as empaths but instead have a finely tuned sense of empathy.

Not all empaths have a keen sense of empathy, but they do have the opportunity to develop it through their empathic abilities. The ability to feel others’ emotions and energies can assist us in seeing the world from the perspective of others, especially if we mindfully consider their emotions and experience.

On the flip side, to see injustice can also inflame the passions of many an empath (if we’re not too exhausted), and it can be easy for us to fall into thinking that this world is hopeless if we get stuck in disempowered “should” thinking (the world “should” be this, people “should” be that). Picking up on negative energy is easy – it’s powerful stuff!

But an empath’s passion can readily become malaise or action, depending on what we choose.


Empath Affirmation: I transform my passion into acts of compassion and love.

Keeping in mind that all we can control is ourselves, we can utilize our self-care for personal empowerment. Once we have that taken care of, we can use our compassion and empathic abilities to assist in healing our communities and contributing to the causes that matter to us most.

And hey, if you’re not feeling it, don’t worry about it! What I said on the first post is still true: you are a natural healer, and that healing begins with yourself.



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