Empath Week, Day 2: All of the Feels

Happy Tuesday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

Did you do yesterday’s affirmation? It can feel totally weird to call yourself a healer, but an Empath or HSP frequently has the natural inclination to heal othersĀ – and whether we like it or not, so many people put us in that position, anyway!

Today’s affirmation is about all those feelings Empaths get to have. Sometimes, it feels like a mixed blessing; feeling intensely gives a lot of color to life, but it can also leave us completely drained.


Being sensitive to the emotions of others can often influence our own emotional landscape.

Often, an empath can be so overwhelmed with emotion that they have a breakdown. That’s okay – we all need the good, cathartic cleanse of a long cry or a session punching the pillow every once in awhile. But we can also do preventative work by making sure we recognize and honor our own emotions whenever they arise.

One way to do so is by using the following affirmation:


Empath Affirmation: I lovingly honor my own feelings and needs.

What does it mean to honor our own feelings and needs? We can identify the emotions we are feeling at any given moment, and ‘sit with’ them without judgment or trying to change them. If you feel angry, know that you are angry, and that it will pass without you having to do anything. If you need to step away from your situation for a moment to do so, do it – do not be afraid of what other people will think.

This act, of course, does not mean we need to wallow in our own negativity, or demand that others attend to our feelings! If we’re lovingly honoring our own feelings and emotional needs without judgment, then most of the work is already done.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at setting boundaries. For now, let’s just be mindful of our own emotions and needs.



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