Welcome to…Empath Week!

Happy Monday, Wonderfully Witchy people!

It’s Empath Week at The Butterfly Witch, and hoo boy, the timing is no coincidence! With the entire world reeling at the outcome of the US Presidential election, it’s been a challenging time for all of us (as if we don’t all have enough on our personal plates!)

It’s an extra challenging time to be an Empath, or Highly Sensitive Person – people attuned to picking up on the energetic vibrations of people, places, and things. High emotional turmoil, social upheaval, interpersonal bickering can leave anyone feeling drained; when you’re a Sensitive person, that goes double.

So often, an Empath or HSP can fall behind on their self-care, feeling overwhelmed by the energies around them, the needs of the people in their lives, by the state of the world, and even by things like natural disasters.

Every day this week, I’ll be providing an affirmation specifically designed for empaths.

If you don’t fall into the category of Empath or HSP (here’s a test to find out!) worry not – these affirmations can also help anyone with recognizing their emotions, their self-care, and where they put their energy.

To start the week, let’s work with this affirmation:


Empath Affirmation: I am a powerful healer and my healing begins with myself.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to heal ourselves before we do the work of healing others (we’ll get into that more this week). For now, I hope you’re all taking care; please remember to be gentle with yourself.



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