New Moon in Scorpio – October 30, 2016

Hello, Wonderfully Witchy people! Do we have a doozy of a New Moon this month; it’s happening at 7 degrees of Scorpio and just before the sabbat of Samhain.

What the heck am I talking about? Well, the veil is thinnest during Samhain, a sabbat that happens each year on the day that is also commonly (and secularly) celebrated as Halloween. During Samhain itches and other Pagans honour our dearly departed and bring the Witches’ year to a close. Since Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, it is inherently concerned with sex, death, and transformation. This juxtaposition of Scorpio-Samhain energy is an opportune time for us to think deeply about the changes we want to make for the next coming cycle, releasing what no longer works for us, and contemplating change on a soul level.


Both Scorpio and Samhain are concerned with endings, the death of cycles and seasons, and sowing the seeds for new beginnings.

While dealing with a family emergency this past week, I was forced to consider the cycles of life and death with increased focus and intention. I found a wonderful meditation on Grieving with the Goddess and found it tremendously helpful as I worked through these ideas and emotions. Death as part of the natural cycle of the world is a vast, ineffable thing, but one that inevitably enters each life and brings what we love and value into focus. As the Dark Goddesses indicate, death is also correspondent to less drastic endings and transformation, and we thank her for these gifts.

Whether you want to give thanks for endings, create new beginnings, or work more closely with the witchy wonders of the world, this Scorpio-Samhain energy is a great time to dig deep into the shadows and consider how they shape our lives.

New Moon in Scorpio Activities:

038Hearth & Home: Put out photos of your ancestors or family to contemplate the past, present and future. Clear out any clutter. Think about any plans or repairs that need to be done before the arrival of winter. Put out any last minute Halloween décor!

112Mind: Journal about sex, death, transformation. Think about what you value in each of these things. Get a head start on resolutions for the secular New Year by planning and/or enacting them now. Take a walk on the dark side by reading gothic lit, watching a thriller or horror movie, or looking at some dark art.

001Body: This is a perfect time for thinking in earnest about any health goals you’ve wanted to achieve in the past year. Think deeply about what’s working and what isn’t and utilize Scorpio’s incisive, decisive energy to cut it out or opt in – Scorpio doesn’t do anything by halves.

115Spirit: Use this thinnest veil for all things divination and communicating with the departed. Balance your brow (third eye, or ajna) chakra. Contemplate and do readings with the Death tarot card. Tread carefully and be sure to ground yourself around this powerful energy!

039Witchcraft: Honour the Dark Goddesses with rituals and prayer. Do usual Sunday rituals corresponding to prosperity and transformation. Prepare your Samhain altar for any additional workings to be done on October 31st.



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