Book Review: The Little Big Book of White Spells

Hello again, Wonderfully Witchy people!

You know what I love about being a witch?

Well, so many things, really, but one major thing is that it aligns perfectly with my bookworm tendencies. The practice of Wicca or any other form of Witchcraft involves so much seeking of knowledge and wisdom, and the perfect place to find it is in between the pages of a book. Then, just when you think you’ve figured out everything – boom! Another book will contradict it. This is part of how witchcraft practices become so radically personal: they pretty much have to be, especially for solitary practitioners like myself!

The book I’m reviewing today is The Little Big Book of White Spells by Ileana Abrev.
I’m so grateful to have found Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd on NetGalley and thank them for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I was immediately intrigued by The Little Big Book of White Spells based on both the title and cover. The contemporary aesthetic of the illustrations on the front, combined with the contradiction of “little big” in the title, gave me a sense that this book would be filled with practical, new, eye-opening wisdom to incorporate into my witchcraft practice.

The Little Big Book of White Spells certainly delivers on that promise! It includes especially wonderful spells devoted to self; some sections are devoted to spells that help with self-love and the elimination of negative thinking, something with which so many of us struggle.

Abrev helpfully divides the book into sections, ranging from Love magick to Protection magick and Spells on the Go. Each section also begins with an overview, wherein Abrev draws on personal experience and anecdotes as well as established witch lore. Beginners will find this additional context especially helpful, while others will enjoy the warmth with which she provides background on these magickal areas. The spells themselves range in difficulty from the very easy to intermediate, so witches who are still relatively new to the craft may benefit most. There are also spell tracking sheets provided in the back, as well as a glossary for any terms which may have been unclear.

I will definitely be coming back to this book to practice spells from it and will purchase a physical copy when it’s released in January 2017!



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