Mercury Goes Direct – September 22, 2016

Hello, Awesome Astrology people! How’s Mercury Retrograde been treating you?

It’s kind of funny, I keep hearing “Mercury Retrograde is almost over” being repeated in so many spaces, almost like a mantra!

This time of compromised communication can create a lot of frustrations, misunderstandings, and other challenges – and it’s been happening for awhile, since it started back on August 30!

I think people are ready for Mercury to go direct, so we’re lucky it’s changing on September 22. We’ll be in the shadow period before it returns to where it was before the retrograde began, so until October 6 we might still be feeling some of the effects.


Worry not, this is a great time for reflection (as is usually the case with retrograde cycles). I’m pretty sure my throat chakra was all kinds of out-of-balance during this time, and it was expressed either through misspeaking, being quick to anger, or clamming up entirely.

What can a witchy gal do? Well, I learned some valuable lessons in the past few weeks about “opting out”! This is especially important for empaths, since we pick up and carry so much energy with us. Conversations that are draining, responding emotionally to others’ problems, and not shielding ourselves against the sheer energy of other people can leave us tired, overwhelmed, and irritable. Knowing where these boundaries are and politely declining to involve myself has proven nourishing and rewarding.

Hope your retrograde has been okay!signoff


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