Magick Every Day of the Week: Sunday

Hello again! I’ve posted a lot about astrology since this blog began, and that’s partially because a lot of my witchcraft practice is informed by the position of the planets. One of the wonderful things about witchcraft is that it can take whatever tone and practice feels right for the individual witch.

Some of us do our magickal workings by the planets, and as such, it can be helpful to also see the correspondences with each day of the week. You can certainly do whatever you wish whenever you wish!

For me, a “just-right” combination of day, astrological position, and phase of the moon helps me organize my spellwork and give it some extra “oomph”.

So, I’ve drawn up a handy Day of the Week Magickal Correspondence Cheat Sheet to track the witchy workings that can be done each day of the week!

Let’s start with today, Sunday:

magick - sunday.png

This graphic is not exhaustive; many different traditions of worship and magick have other deity associations and correspondences. Since Sunday is associated with the Sun, for example, other Sun gods and goddesses and traditions aligned with them may factor into your work. But, if you did want to refer to my sheet, working with yellow candles, citrine gemstones, and burning a stick of frankincense might help you with your work!

I hope this was helpful!



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