Tarot Spread – Neptune Retrograde

Welcome to my first Tarot post…and my first Tarot spread ever!

I’ve been practicing the Tarot since October of last year. I was so excited to finally have a deck to work with after a decade of wanting one! As a teenager, I’d been fascinated by tarot and how intimately my friends seemed to know their decks. Some of them even made people cry with the accuracy of their readings! Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to own them. I didn’t grow up in a particularly religious household, but my family was definitely superstitious; Mom gave Tarot a hard NO!

So, at 30, I purchased my first deck ever: the Tarot of Marseille. Shortly after that I purchased The Goddess Tarot. The decks are very different from each other, but I fell completely in love with both (and with reading tarot itself!)

To me, tarot is an incredibly powerful symbolic language that describes the world, both inner and outer.

I love the multiple dimensions that exist in tarot. A reader is able to dive deep into the archetypes and symbolism, as well as tie them into things like numerology, astrology and spellwork. I’ve incorporated many different cards into my rituals and altars in the past, and feel like they always give them additional power.

I also love the vast availability of spreads on places like tumblr and Pinterest, and have longed to design my own spread! I figured I’d give it a whirl by making a spread based on this week’s Neptune Retrograde.


As explained in my original Neptune Retrograde post, this particular retrograde cycle opens our eyes and gives us greater insights into the mysterious. Since it’s also a great time for divination, I thought a spread designed around the truths revealed during the cycle would be fitting.

I hope you enjoy it!



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