Neptune Retrograde – June 13, 2016

June’s powerful astrological movements continue this Monday, with Neptune entering retrograde at 4:42 PM (EST).

What does Neptune retrograde have in store for us?

Neptune is the ruler of mists, haze, divine mysteries, and the sea. It makes sense that this beautiful blue planet also rules dreamy, sensitive Pisces, no?

This retrograde period, which runs from June 13 until November 19 this year, is a wonderful time to open our eyes to renewed clarity. Our dreams and intuition will become more vivid and real to us. Introspective activities will provide greater insights into our spiritual selves, our creative selves, and our shadow selves.

Basically, in Neptune Retrograde, the fog lifts, allowing our spiritual energies to run more openly than ever!

This is a powerful time for us to match our dreams and intuition with our desires.

There are, of course, shadow sides to everything, and this retrograde motion is no exception. Neptune Retrograde may obscure some of our more practical concerns. Interpersonal boundaries may blur, our goals might feel out of reach, and we may be forced to contend with issues we’ve been avoiding. Never fear! This can be a powerful time for cleansing our energies and assessing our true priorities. We can use these insights for greater healing if we trust our inner guidance and stay grounded.

For the witchy/diviner/intuitive set, Neptune Retrograde will be an excellent time to perform spells related to divination and dreams. Oracle card readers, Tarot readers, and others who use divination tools may experience powerful sessions (it would be a great time for those deeply personal spreads!) In addition, Empaths and Highly Sensitive Peoples may find their frequencies and emotions running even higher than usual.

Those with strong Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces aspects in their charts will feel this retrograde cycle most acutely, but all of us can certainly learn and grow from this shifted energy.

Neptune Retrograde Suggestions:

  • Keep a journal; note any signs or coincidences that seem relevant or powerful. Keeping track will help you get further insight from your daily experiences.
  • Keep a dream journal and note any symbols that seem resonant. This will help you track any themes that recur over these five months!
  • Grounding practices, like meditation, body scans, and earthing, may be helpful if we’re having difficulty separating fact from fiction. This is true especially for Empaths and HSPs, since we may be picking up on more intuitive and emotional energies than usual!
  • Do all things divination – tarot cards, oracle cards, palmistry, and tea leaves – the sky’s the limit!
  • Balance your Brow Chakra through asanas, meditations, and affirmations – it’s ruled by Neptune, too!
  • Anything creative – Neptune rules the realm of art, dance, music, and poetry. See a film! Paint a picture! Write a poem! Bang a gong! Dazzle your loved ones with tissue box ukuleles!
  • Spiffy yourself up at the salon or barber, get dressed up in Neptune’s trademark blue, green, and purple – this planet’s also a bit of a glamor queen. Don’t be afraid to sparkle!

In all, this retrograde cycle will give us ample time to look into ourselves and commune with the energies of the universe. We might be a little spaced out, but hey, it’s almost summer – we can always blame it on too much sunshine, right?

Do you have any suggestions for Neptune Retrograde activities? Are you dreading it? Looking forward to it? I’d love to hear from you!



6 thoughts on “Neptune Retrograde – June 13, 2016

  1. Trans Neptune is at the moment spot on my North Node in my 7th house, while trans Saturn is squaring it. In my natal, Neptune is on the cusp of my 4th house in Sagittarius. My progressed Moon also moved into pisces last month and will be conjunct trans Neptune and my Node in a while.
    Half a year ago I started a relationship with a Sag who then had his 2nd Saturn return and with whom I have a Neptune/Saturn double whammy (conjunction & opposition).
    I’m experiencing this like a clash of dreams with reality, with the possibility to make dreams real. Although it’s rather complicated, as we’re both married 😉 and I guess it might take some time, to work things out …
    What are your thoughts on trans Neptune conjunct the North Node?


    1. So, newsflash: he broke up with me right today on the 13th. He fell in love with someone else. Talk about “fog lifting” 😉 … I wonder what happens, when Neptune will move back over the North Node again. The fog returning? It might be. Strange times. That one’s for sure.


      1. Oh jeez! I was just readying my response to your initial comment. I think the transit Saturn square with Neptune over North Node makes for a lot of inward focus and sorting/prioritizing – an especially good opportunity for some self-care! I’m feeling the transit hard today. Venus was also quincux Mars today and square Chiron – lots of inauspicious activity on the love front, unfortunately :/

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