New Moon in Gemini – June 4 2016

I love June, don’t you? Maybe it’s because I’m an Air sign and love the energy of Gemini (the chatty, sociable, quirky twins of astrology), maybe it’s because it’s the month named for the goddess Juno (or Hera, for the ancient Greek set), or maybe it’s because the world is so vividly alive and joyfully green that I feel assured that yes, winter is finally over.

Either way, we’re kicking off this month with some wonderful astrological energy, courtesy of a New Moon in Gemini!


The New Moon is always a fantastic time for refreshing our energy and setting intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. From what I’ve read, this particular New Moon will be a doozy! The conjunct Venus energy will highlight areas relating to love – self-love, platonic love, romantic love – and how we communicate in our relationships with others and ourselves. For example, one of my biggest issues is knowing how to ask for what I need and want, so this will be an excellent time for me to explore these things more deeply.

Since Gemini is also ruled by Mercury (which has, thankfully, gone direct from its Retrograde cycle last month), our mental and creative energies will also be increased. This is an excellent time for setting intentions related not only to love-related communication, but also to creative expression, socializing, lively conversation, and education. With this Mercury influence, we’ll also be prompted to examine our need to change and our thinking becomes more flexible – a doubly fantastic time for learning new things and re-examining what we’d like to change in our lives.

This New Moon aligns into a Grand Cross, with opposing Saturn and square Jupiter and Neptune. We may have lots of ideas and enthusiasm, but Saturn, the ever-grounding influence, will remind us that we need to actually make these choices, and to stay practical – hard work and determination are what help us in achieving our dreams.

My plans for this month’s New Moon include going to a Women’s Circle, where we contemplate the changing energy and perform restorative yoga practices and sound healing; tomorrow, I’ll be meeting up with a new group of women determined to ‘live bodaciously’ (love it!) and attending a Mind, Body & Spirit festival (there’s that sociable Gemini energy!). I haven’t decided if I’ll be performing any magick, yet, but I am going to try this New Moon tarot spread (from witchella, on tumblr:)


I can’t wait!

At the New Moon, we’re most like the caterpillar getting ready to enter chrysalis – we’ll build ourselves over the next few weeks into the beautiful butterfly that emerges with the Full Moon!

Do you have any plans for the New Moon this month? Any intentions to set for the new lunar cycle? I’d love to hear from you!



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