Welcome to…The Butterfly Witch blog!

Hi! My name is Tiffany, and I’m a witch who loves new age/self-help stuff. I’m also a butterfly enthusiast. I was prompted to start this blog after becoming so excited to try the lovely Doreen Virtue’s new Butterfly Oracle deck. I love butterflies, witchcraft, and archetype work – so why not explore that and combine them into a blog?

I used the deck for the first time today and it was magical (and not only because the sun shone on my front yard, the birds chirped and the smell of lilacs carried on the breeze!)

To my delight, when I asked the cards about starting this blog I pulled “Welcome the New”:

and took that as a definite sign of encouragement!

Each Monday, I’ll post a “Butterfly Meditation” – a particular type of butterfly, a bit of scientific background about that butterfly, and what symbolic resonance it might have for our hearts and minds. In addition, I’ll be posting stuff related to astrology, goddesses, witchcraft, tarot, and life as an empath.

I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to…The Butterfly Witch blog!

  1. Do you think the butterfly is your spirit animal?
    I am seriously looking into this topic right now.
    I blessed a newish deck of mine yesterday (Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides) and asked for direction about reclaiming my health (to put it in a nutshell). I pulled the Tiger card. In the description of the card, it is a leadership card. While I won’t discount this message, it doesn’t seem to fit in my immediate future. However, when I looked up the meaning of Tiger as a spirit animal it fit perfectly.
    I was just wondering what someone with more experience in these types of things might think.


    1. Hi Tammy – the butterfly is my spirit animal in accordance with the traditions of my First Nations cultural background, so I can’t really speak to other traditions. I would recommend reading up more on spirit animals in general – there are also some great guided meditations on youtube for finding your spirit animal! Best of luck! 😀


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